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I was Shocked by Shen Bing Tian Jiang, Exact Copy of Clash of Clans

As the title says, I was completely shocked by a Chinese game called 神兵天降 (Shen Bing Tian Jiang), which was developed by China-based RenRen, a company behind the “Chinese copy of Facebook.”

I was shocked not only by the exact copy of everything that Clash of Clans offers from sound, artworks, gameplay, and even data, but by the fact that the official Apple Team has already approved the game on the App Store.

Just take a look at my first look gameplay video. Tell me what you are thinking.

Here is the iTunes Link:

Boom Beach: Clash of Clans Team Roll Out its New Epic Strategy Game

Supercell has just released its newest mobile game Boom Beach for iOS in the Canadian App Store. The game looks refreshingly clean, with a strong sense of “Clash of Clans“, yet set in an isolated island.

AppsGoer yesterday spotted this new app on the Canadian AppStore, saying the game has a lot of similarities with Clash of Clans. In the game, you will be still able to build your village with a lot of options just as you did in Clash of Clans.

However, the game also has a couple of interesting concepts implemented in favor of the new game. In any case, the game is free to play and seems like a sequel to Clash of Clans.

If you are a fan of Supercell or Clash of Clans, you will be definitely interested in its new game.

Get the game from this link:

Kingdom Clash: Another Strategy Game Like Clash of Clans

If you were following our website, you would probably know a lot of new games that take on the gameplay of Clash of Clans. Today, I would like to share you guys another new strategy game called Kingdom Clash, which is pretty much similar to Clash of Clans.

Kingdom Clash is published by FireMocha/Storm8, a well-known mobile game publisher behind Dragon Story, Castle Story, etc.. The game immediately reminds me of Storm8’s Castle Story in terms of graphics and mission system, but as I followed missions to perform actions, I found Kingdom Clash is nothing but a ripoff of Clash of Clans.

Unlike Clash of Clans, Kingdom Clash gives you three-day protection shield and during this period, you can maximize your efforts of building structures, training or upgrading troops, looting resources from NPC kingdoms. After 3 days of building, your Kingdom will be open for attack from other Players. If you choose to attack players before the 3 days are up, your Kingdom becomes available for attacking.

Another difference from Clash of Clans is that Kingdom Clash features a mission system that allows newbies to easily build their kingdom by following missions. By contrast, Clash of Clans is not newbie-friendly. Some players even complaint they could be easily lost in the game.

Except for these two features implemented, I do not see other noticeable changes in Kingdom Clash. Instead, the game has all annoying things that most players were always complaining about to TeamLava and Storm8. If you played any game of this company, you would find their games are pretty expensive and they does not even offer players free ways to acquire Gems. Kingdom Clash is no exception.

After you complete the first 2-minute tutorial, you will have at most 100 Gems. And even you are pretty short of resources. But I do not have such a problem in Clash of Clans. Anyway, building your Kingdom requires a careful balance of managing your resources, defending your Kingdom and attacking other Kingdoms.

Copycats of Clash of Clans still have potential in the Appstore and Google Play Store if they improve on Clash of Clans and add something new to this already familiar mechanics. Since Storm8 has a lot of fans, i do think this new game would gain a quick and high ranking in the App Store. Let’s see how this game works out!

iTunes App Store Download:

Temple Run’s Imitator TrendDNA Follows the trend COC Gaming with Rising Clans

It has been over a year since the Finnish gaming company Supercell launched Clash of Clans in the App Store. The game performs so extremely well that it have been staying at the top of Apple’s iOS game charts. This leads more and more developers to imitate this super addictive strategy game, and so far, there are over 30 copies of “Clash of Clans” released for iOS, Android and Facebook.

Today, China-based TrendDNA, one of the earliest developers imitating Temple Run, unveiled a Coc-eque game for Android called Rising Clans that apparently copies what Clash of Clans boasts – neat and clean art designs, animated troop battles and clans-oriented wars. The developer also called its game as an Android version of Clash of Clans.

By contrast, Rising Clans has no innovation to speak of, and because its release is a bit late in the Android market that was dominated by IGG’s Castle Clash, the most successful copycat of Clash of Clans for Android that features Hero Defense, Dungeon exploration, and deployed troops survival.

Do you own an Android Phones or Tablets? You can now download and install this app via this link:

Amazing Clan War Stole All Data from Clash of Clans

It has come to my attention that some developers have stolen data from an already-successful game and re-skinned it with a new look. This phenomenon is not new in gaming world and culminates in extremely burgeoning mobile industry, followed by a handful of popular titles like Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga, Kingdoms of Camelot, Puzzle and Dragons, Temple Run, etc.. Such phenomenon prevails these day mostly because mobile games seem to have less investment than traditional PC or console games.

Clash of Clans is one of the most successful iOS games and has the largest base of imitators. Of all Clash of Clans copies, some added some twists with a completely new theme and presentation; some slightly changed the interface layout and basic artworks and some are designed for other platforms like Facebook, and Android. However, a small portion of developers are cheating on the original by hacking the server and stealing the source code to relaunch the game in the black market.

A game called Amazing Clan War is just a game that has stolen all data from Clash of Clans and slightly changed itself. Surprisingly, it has passed the approval of the Apple Team and appeared in the worldwide app store.

I have played Amazing Clan War for a few hours and found that it is nothing but a blatant ripoff of Clash of Clan from interface, color scheme, gaming mathematics, sound, music, presentation and everything.

Honestly, I can accept a copycat with some fundamental changes. For example, Castle Clash, on the surface, is a copycat of Clash of Clans, but it has added a lot of new elements like hero concept, engaging troop survival, dungeon exploration, etc.. But if a game that completely copied the original and has been officially approved by the Apple Team, that is a shame!

Here is the iTunes App Store link for Amazing Clan War:

Tower Defense X Tank Lets you Control Tanks to Attack Enemies

As I mentioned last month, there will be more COC-eque games coming out in the following months not because this type game could really have potential to become popular, but they just want to make such a game that is similar to Clash of Clans, of course, in the hope of making some money.

Except for IGG’s Castle Clash, there is almost no other COC-like game that could even get a small piece of pie from Clash of Clans.

Now, I am assuming X Tank is the next failure that attempts to copy Clash of Clans, but its experience is unnecessarily awkward throughout the game from its interface,  to animation and to controls.

X Tank is developed by a China-based company called iDuoduo.  According to iTunes description, this game was developed with more than 8 months. It is self-called a masterpiece.

Below are my impressions on X Tank:

1, You do the same thing by building your military base, construct all kinds of defense and resource buildings. This is the most important part of how a tower defense game works.

2, You cannot see all of buildings you built, and they can be seen in a primary category. For example, when you want to check your resource buildings, you will have to enter Resource Center first and then check each building’s info. Likewise, you cannot see your or enemy’s defense buildings until you access the Engineering Center. This setting makes the game become complicated, and without any advantage.

3, You can control your tank in the battlefield. There is a virtual control pad that lets you move your tank and deploy other weapons and ammo on the enemy’s base. This is a good direction that makes players feel free to attack anywhere, but this is also a disadvantage that has little strategy, so to speak.

4, You can also playing single player campaign or multiplayer challenge mode. This mode works much like Clash of Clans.

I do not like recommend this game to anybody else because it looks like a half-done work and in early beta. And it shows little potential!

Jungle Heat is’s New Entry to imitate the success of Clash of Clans

At ChinaJoy 2013 during July 24th – 28th, I was happy to pay a visit to the B2B Area with my colleague. During my visit to’s booth, I was presented with a business card and a publisher’s guide that includes’s business strategy, market share and games they are now publishing.

I took a quick look at the publisher guide, and a game called Jungle Heat quickly came into my view because there are many similarities between Clash of Clans and Jungle Heat in visual designs.

When I went back to my office and decided to open a new category  to cover Jungle Heat that seems to have great potential to have a position on Android market because it shares many similarities with Clash of Clans. I downloaded Jungle Heat to my Google Nexus 10 and at the time of writing, I’ve reached level 32, upgraded my commander center to level 6 and have 1000 Rating Medals.

Jungle Heat, at its core, is an attacking and defending game that centers on village management, but part of what makes Jungle Heat is different is the way it runs on Android phones and tablets and will be also compatible with iPhone and iPad soon, according to the publisher’s guide.

jungle heat screenshots

Like some of the COC copycats, Jungle Heat draws strength from what makes Clash of Clans invigorating, from the idea of village layout defense strategy, to unique troops abilities and to social leaderboards. In this beta version of Jungle Heat, its lousy art designs and lack of alliance function don’t make the game as impressive as expected.

Below is what I’d experienced:

1, Most of the buildings, when upgraded to a higher level, still look the same with its original level.

2, Most of players requested an alliance system that could definitely bring more players together. This is the most important part of why Clash of Clans had millions of active players. And they can talk, share joys and sorrows and battle results, donate troops and make the game become a community. But Jungle Heat does not have it.

3, There is no exchange between developers and players.

4, There is no way to add friends in-game. Players can only invite their facebook to play.

5, There is no incentive mechanism that encourages players to engage in single player while there is no player to attack in matchmaking multiplayer mode.

6, There are a lot of traps that lead you to use Gems to complete upgrading or training. It should have one more layer control to let you know if you do it.

7, Attacking effects are not impressive. It is a lot of mess and cannot let you experience too much difference on attacking. In this case, troops cannot reflect their unique advantage from its attacking animations.

8, Game balance is okay. There are a lot of data that Jungle Heat directly copy Clash of Clans.

9, Too much time to remove a stone or Palm. was just a game publisher in Russia and its new effort to copy the success of Clash of Clans was a good direction to move its focus from a publisher to a developer and precisely to a mobile game developer. But the game was far from being great especially in front of Clash of Clans.

If you would like to play this game on your Android devices, you can now download this game by visiting this link:

Zynga’s Dojo Mojo is a Better Web Version for Clash of Clans

Mobile Gaming market continues the trend of “Ripping off” Clash of Clans with 1 – 2 COC copies coming out every week these days. Facebook platform is also seeing a great opportunity to copy this success with its great advantage of social network.

Zynga, one of the largest providers of social games, was certainly skilled at making social games for Facebook and is now switching its focus from Facebook to mobile. Despite this, such a company with millions of active Facebook users and its newly probing mobile userbase has every reason to copy a new game that uses today’s popular gaming mechanics.  (iOS and Android Version will be coming soon)

With its newly released strategy game Dojo Mojo, Zynga managed to bring a web version of Clash of Clans to Facebook, which is being described as a “highly socializing strategy game”.

Currently, Dojo Mojo is in the closed beta and there are still a lot of bugs and new content to be added in the upcoming open beta next month.

dojo mojo

I have been playing Dojo Mojo since its limited release on Facebook and I was given 1000 Jade to test the game. Here is my first impression preview. (a short preview comparison with Clash of Clans)

1, Gameplay

Gameplay of Dojo Mojo comes with the same formula with that of Clash of Clans. Especially when you attack enemies, it feels like attacking a web version of Clash of Clans. You cannot controls troops; you need to come up with best strategy to deploy your troops with different abilities. Your goal is to earn Mojo or Loot resources.

2, Troops

Troops of Dojo Mojo are also inspired from Clash of Clans. Grunt is equivalent of Barbarian, Assassin is Archer, Thief is Goblin, etc. But Dojo Mojo has an Altar system that lets you summon a Mighty beast (Level 1 Altar for Oni) to battlefield.

3, Bonus Methods

In Clash of Clans, players can remove some stones, trees, grass and earn additional Gems. Dojo Mojo does not use such mechanic, but it allows players to build a Jade Mine where players can place Pit traps to capture enemy troops to work for Jade, a premium currency, equivalent of Gem in Clash of Clans. Another way to earn Jade is to invite players to play Dojo Mojo. The player can get 5 Jade with each new player invited to play Dojo Mojo.

4, Interesting twists

On Fire, When you achieve three consecutive wins in combat you will get on fire. On fire will lead to increase movement speed, damage and health. It will last until time expires or you lose a battle while attacking.

Extra troops from Friends: You can ask troops from your Facebook friends who are playing Dojo Mojo. Troops from your Friends will jump out of the Torii Gate to help you. They can be used for attacking and defending

Treasures include Golden Carp, Emperor’s Helm, Shogun’s Sword, Ancient Hourglass, and Guardian’s Urn. They can be activated based on your victory. They are mainly used to increase training time, production rate, HP and more.

While we are still playing the game, we just gave you a short impression based on our experience.  We will have a complete review once the game is open to the public.

Facebook Play Link:

super world war

Super World War: Call of Mini Developer’s New Strategy Game Like Clash of Clans

Triniti Interactive, the maker of Call of Mini series, is now planning to release its new strategy game Super World War. Currently, the game is available for limited regions including New Zealand and Canada.

Playing the game for a few minutes, we found Super World War, at its core, is a city building game that features military cartoon graphics and COC-esque UI. But its battle system is a bit different from that of Clash of Clans. On the one hand, the troops are only moving forward in a side-scrolling way. You just tap troop icon and it will automatically move forward to fire enemies. On the other hand, the troops are only moving in a linear way and you cannot control it at all.

In the base, you are able to build some buildings like Warehouse, Vehicle Factory, Financial Center, etc, but the game does not allow you to build walls although the concept of the game is to defend your military base.

If you love playing COC, you might as well try this new game. Don’t forget to leave your impressions below.