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Rising Clans

Temple Run’s Imitator TrendDNA Follows the trend COC Gaming with Rising Clans

It has been over a year since the Finnish gaming company Supercell launched Clash of Clans in the App Store. The game performs so extremely well that it have been staying at the top of Apple’s iOS game charts. This leads more and more developers to imitate this super addictive strategy game, and so far, there are over 30 copies of “Clash of Clans” released for iOS, Android and Facebook.

Today, China-based TrendDNA, one of the earliest developers imitating Temple Run, unveiled a Coc-eque game for Android called Rising Clans that apparently copies what Clash of Clans boasts – neat and clean art designs, animated troop battles and clans-oriented wars. The developer also called its game as an Android version of Clash of Clans.

By contrast, Rising Clans has no innovation to speak of, and because its release is a bit late in the Android market that was dominated by IGG’s Castle Clash, the most successful copycat of Clash of Clans for Android that features Hero Defense, Dungeon exploration, and deployed troops survival.

Do you own an Android Phones or Tablets? You can now download and install this app via this link: