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Royal Revolt 2 Received a Brand New Update

For all Royal Revolt 2 players, we have good news for you as developer flaregames has just released a new update for its epic strategy game Royal Revolt 2. Starting today, you are able to connect with your Facebook friends to play with your friends.

Another major twist is that you will have attack history and revenge enemies or just see how good your defense is.

Meanwhile, this update also brings some bug fixes and unit improvement. For example, the unit Pyromancer is now much stronger against Barricades, Arrow and Firebolt Towers.

For more, just download the game using this link:

How to Edit Map / Path in Royal Revolt 2

Some new players are still not sure of how to create an effective path to block enemies or delay enemy’s attack. I have created a video that showcases how to correctly edit your map or path in Royal Revolt 2.


To edit path, make sure you follow the steps below:

1, You have enough path lot available.

2, You must start editing from a path to another path or across grass, tree, and stone.

3, You cannot connect the path to the field that is covered with ruins. But you can remove ancient ruin by spending Gems.

4, You must hold on a path lot, then move your finger to where the path can be built.


1, Building path is necessary and useful for you to build defense towers and blockade on and around the sides.

2, Building zig-zag path could delay the time of enemy’s attack so that your defense buildings and units have enough time to fend off the invasion.

3, Try to deploy blockade and Barricade on the path and build Frost Tower and Bomb Tower around the blockage and barricade.

How to Get Gems for Free in Royal Revolt 2

Royal Revolt 2 is both fun and addicting. But this new version of Royal Revolt has a lot of timers that test your patience to wait longer and longer building and upgrading. For those gamers who would pay a few bucks to buy more workers, this article will not help you a lot, but for those who will never pay for Gems and want to accelerate your building, here comes my advice.

1, The system will reward you with a large amount of Gems that encourage you to instantly finish building and upgrading. I suggest you keeping these Gems on your inventory and don’t use them for any purpose until you have reached level 40.

2, To get more free Gems, you need to keep attacking enemies, upgrading your troops, structures and defenses.

3, The more you attack, the more XP your character will gain. So time you gain a new level, you will have some rewards. The game also features a nice achievement system that continuously give you free Gems.

4, When you reach level 40, you will have 100 Free Gems as a reward. At this time, you can use all of your Gems you have stocked up for a new worker.

5, If you don’t know how to get free Gems, just attack, attack and attack. That is the best way to get Free Gems.

6, Don’t Forget to collect your rewards by checking your quest log.

7, The most effective way to earn free Gems is to join League Tournament. In Silver League, if you could rank #1, you will get 45 Gems for free. In Gold League, you will get 75 Gems if you rank #1.

Have fun!

How to Let your Troops Defend your Kingdom / Castle in Royal Revolt 2

I have noticed that some players in Royal Revolt 2 did not set troops to defend their kingdom. That means when enemies are coming close to your castle gate, the troops you have unlocked like Warrior, Archer and Froster won’t go out to protect your castle.

To let your troops to fend off invasion, you must upgrade your Castle Guard on the one hand and add units you have unlocked to the slots. If you cannot find where the slots are, just open the Castle Guard, you cannot miss it.

The slot that each troop type occupies varies depending on what type you select. Make sure choose appropriate types according to your own strategy.

List of Spells for Royal Revolt 2

Below is a list of all spells for mobile game Royal Revolt 2. If you want to learn more how these spells work and how to unlock spells, or how to use them. Just check our Royal Revolt 2 wiki.


The Hammerstrike is effective against both units and buildings. Always a useful addition to a more specialized pool of spells.

Toxic Cloud

The Toxic Cloud is heavily against troops and best used against huge armies.


The Stun is best used when your opponent is stronger than you. Use it when you are at a disadvantage.


The Firestorm burns everything and can be used to great effect against units and buildings, but is weak when unleashed against blockades.


The swordrain may be the most effective weapon against units and has the biggest range. Be sure to have it in your arsenal.


The Heal allows you to heal your troops from damage, fire and poison. Depending on your strategy, this one could be a very strong spell.


The blizzard slows down every unit and deals damage to your opponents. A magical mixture of two beneficial ingredients.


The shield is best used when attacking with a huge army and gives you an enormous benefit in pitched battle.


The blasdestorm is the longest lasting spell and is best used against encampments of defensive buildings.

Sonic Blast

The Sonic Blast will cause massive damage to everything. This spell can help you in the diciest situations.

List of Troops for Royal Revolt 2

Below is a list of all unit types and weapons that help your troops attack enemies. You can keep upgrade your Troop academy to unlock new units or upgrade your units to strengthen their power. For more articles, simple check Royal Revolt 2.


The Knight is the most versatile unit for every situation and has special protection against poison.


The Archer is the most affordable long-range all-rounder for every situation.


The Paladin has robust armor and is brutally strong, but is weak against poison.


The Froster can levitate over Spikes and is very effective against units.


The Cannon is the weapon of choice when it comes to destroying buildings.


They pyromancer will be heavily effective from a distance, but is weak in close combat.


The arblaster represents modern long-range warfare. He is most effective against troops


The mortar is a mobile poison vehicle that is most effective against troops.

List of Buildings for Royal Revolt 2

Below is a list of all buildings for the epic strategy battle game Royal Revolt 2.

Throne Room

The Throne Room is the center of power and it is your home. The level of your Throne Room influences everything in your kingdom. Each level gives you new opportunities to extend your power. The Throne Rooms also shows your skills and acts as a personal training ground to gain XP.

Troop Academy

The Troop Academy is the place where you upgrade your units to create a stronger offensive force. By upgrading your Troop Academy you can investigate new unit types, which will help you to enhance your army.

Treasure Chamber

The Treasure Chamber keeps your riches. It is a golden sea of joy. By upgrading the Treasure Chamber you can store even more of the Gold you bring home from your conquests.

Wizard’s Tower

The Wizard’s Tower is the place where you research and develop magic. Here you can upgrade your magic to increase the effectiveness of every attack you carry out to enrich your kingdom. With each upgrade of the Wizard’s Tower you develop new spells and scrolls to increase your magical prowess.


The Tavern is the place where your folks celebrate victory. A good feast is good income. Upgrade the Tavern so that more of your people can celebrate allowing you to increase your income.

Inventor’s Workshop

In the Inventor’s Workshop you can research and upgrade your defensive fortification technologies. By upgrading the technology, you are able to strengthen your line of defense and protect your kingdom and its treasure.


The silo is the place where you store your food. A full Silo will make you always in the position to go into battle. Upgrade your Silo to store more food and to be able to fight more enemies.

Castle Guard

Your Castle Guard is the last line of defense. Here you recruit the soldiers who are going to defend your kingdom. Train your soldiers and create defensive waves to prepare for every gatecrasher.

Castle Gate

The Castle Gate defines the power of your castle wall and the general defensive possibilities. By upgrading the Castle Gate you can build additional defensive fortifications and extend the path an aggressor has to navigate to reach your Castle Gate.

Royal Revolt 2 Looks Like a Souped-up Version of Clash of Clans

If you love the original Royal Revolt game, you should really take a try on Flaregames’s Royal Revolt 2, a new sequel to Royal Revolt yet with a thorough change from its 3D vibrant visuals, to gameplay.

The game starts with an introduction invading battle that lets you call your tiny warrior by keeping tapping a button, and you can command your warrior by tapping ground anywhere. The game actually looks different from Clash of Clans at this moment. But after you’ve completed this quest, you will be given a very familiar circle to go for. Let’s say, you will have to build your defense, clear stones or forest to build defense towers, traps and other structures. This will gradually remind you of Clash of Clans especially when you have to build your village in a framework of Timer.

However, Royal Revolt 2 is extremely different from many other strategy battle games. Its 3D visuals are a major ride and its battle is completely from Clash of Clans. You can control your units during combat. It was done quite well.

If you are still addicted to Clash of Clans, I suggest you take a minute to play this game, you will be amazed by this marvelous game.

Here is the iTunes Link: