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Second Earth: Emphasizes Strategy over COC mechanics

If you are an Android gamer living in Canada, you might have already played “Second Earth“, a sci-fi strategy game that resembles Clash of Clans very much. Since this game were released for limited countries for the purpose of beta testing on the Android Platform, you may not pick up this game if you are not an Android user, or were unable to access and download the game.

Today, developer NtreevSoft launches the game in the Canadian App Store aiming to test it on the iOS platform. The game, as I just mentioned, plays with a goal of building a base, training troops and leading them to victory, which is extremely similar to those of “Clash of Clans”. That means, you will have to plan your own unique strategy. On the one hand, you can build your base as strong as enough so that your enemies won’t easily raid your base. On the other hand, you can directly attack other players for loot that can be reused to build your base.

Second Earth is not just a strategy game, but a social game that supports Facebook Invitation and Guild Build. So if you love Clash of Clans, you will definitely love this sci-fi strategy game.

On a side note, I think the visuals of Second Earth easily remind me of Galaxy Factions. Both of the games share a lot similarities.

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