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Star Wars: Commander

Star Wars: Commander – Star Wars Meets Clash of Clans

It’s been long since I decided to give more time to design my new game Magic Mines while spending less time on discovering games similar to Clash of Clans. I just periodically checked AppStore’s top free charts and downloaded some new simple games that are actually no tie with CoC for fun. Occasionally, I browse through TouchArcade’s forum posts and TouchGameplay’s gameplay video stream to see what I’ve missed.

Star Wars: Commander is my most recent discovery that clearly clones the mechanics of Clash of Clans with its characteristic dress “Star Wars”. That said, you will be put in the universe of Star Wars and take part in the Galactic Civil War. Like Clash of Clans, Star Wars: Commander allows you to build your military base and train your star wars forces and then lead them to victory in PVP or PVE.

However, there will be a choice for you to choose join the Empire or the Rebels after a few rounds of battles in the tutorial. Each side will have its unique guide characters and troops. If you join the Empire, you are able to command AT-ATs and Tie Fighers while if you are willing to use heroes like Han Solo and Princess Leia, you might as well try joining the Rebels.

Star Wars: Commander is only available in the Australian App Store and will soon launch worldwide. If you want to play this game ahead of the global launch, just visit this link and use your AU apple ID to download it for free.