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Piraya Mobile Launches COC-like Dino On Fire for iOS

Which mobile game is well worth cloning? The very game that comes to my mind is Clash of Clans. Indeed, ever since Clash of Clans dominated the AppStore and Google Play top grossing chart, there are hundreds of makers getting down to clone this game. Of course, those major developers such as Rovio Stars, Activision, IGG, Gameloft,GREE and Game Insight also joined the ranks of cloning Clash of Clans with their theme characters and heroes.

But there are also some unknown developers attempting to copy Supercell’s success. The latest entry Dino On Fire brought by Piraya Mobile is the exact copy of Clash  of Clans. In the game, you will be able to do the same things like in Clash of Clans. Build your village, train your troops,  and wage wars against other players.

I don’t play the game too much because I have already known this game is a clone of Clash of Clans. But the good thing is Apple has featured  Dino On Fire on the App Store, so there will certainly be something interesting in it.

If you still are interested in COC-like game, you might as well take a try on Dino On Fire.