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Wrap up: Island Raiders, Clash of Zombies, Clash of Mafias, Tribal Rush

Here is a new list of latest strategy games that were inspired by Clash of Clans. If you still love such type games, you can download these games on your Android phones or tablets.

Island Raiders: War of Legends is published by tap4fun, one of Google Play’s verified Top developerS for Android. In theory, most of games on Android with the Google’s officially verified tag are worth a try. Of course, Island Raiders is no reception, The game, which boasts a total of over 1 million downloads, features vibrant graphics and cartoon style characters, which immediately reminds you of Clash of Clans.

Clash of Zombies, previously nozomi, was released last year, but due to its attribute of being stamped with a tag “Clash” in its title, it attracts millions of downloads across the world on Google Play only. This game plays with the same goal of Clash of Clans. You build your kingdom and attack your enemies.

At the end of last year, IGG once again rolled out a reskinned version of its flagship title Castle Clash after a chain of success of reskinned copycats of Clash of Clans from Castle Clash to Clash of Lords and Clash of Lords 2. As the title suggests, Clash of Mafias is all about the clash of mafias. So if you want to start over with a new theme coc, you are good to go play this game.

Tribal Rush is published by R2Game.