How to Edit Map / Path in Royal Revolt 2

Some new players are still not sure of how to create an effective path to block enemies or delay enemy’s attack. I have created a video that showcases how to correctly edit your map or path in Royal Revolt 2.


To edit path, make sure you follow the steps below:

1, You have enough path lot available.

2, You must start editing from a path to another path or across grass, tree, and stone.

3, You cannot connect the path to the field that is covered with ruins. But you can remove ancient ruin by spending Gems.

4, You must hold on a path lot, then move your finger to where the path can be built.


1, Building path is necessary and useful for you to build defense towers and blockade on and around the sides.

2, Building zig-zag path could delay the time of enemy’s attack so that your defense buildings and units have enough time to fend off the invasion.

3, Try to deploy blockade and Barricade on the path and build Frost Tower and Bomb Tower around the blockage and barricade.

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