How to Get Gems for Free in Royal Revolt 2

Royal Revolt 2 is both fun and addicting. But this new version of Royal Revolt has a lot of timers that test your patience to wait longer and longer building and upgrading. For those gamers who would pay a few bucks to buy more workers, this article will not help you a lot, but for those who will never pay for Gems and want to accelerate your building, here comes my advice.

1, The system will reward you with a large amount of Gems that encourage you to instantly finish building and upgrading. I suggest you keeping these Gems on your inventory and don’t use them for any purpose until you have reached level 40.

2, To get more free Gems, you need to keep attacking enemies, upgrading your troops, structures and defenses.

3, The more you attack, the more XP your character will gain. So time you gain a new level, you will have some rewards. The game also features a nice achievement system that continuously give you free Gems.

4, When you reach level 40, you will have 100 Free Gems as a reward. At this time, you can use all of your Gems you have stocked up for a new worker.

5, If you don’t know how to get free Gems, just attack, attack and attack. That is the best way to get Free Gems.

6, Don’t Forget to collect your rewards by checking your quest log.

7, The most effective way to earn free Gems is to join League Tournament. In Silver League, if you could rank #1, you will get 45 Gems for free. In Gold League, you will get 75 Gems if you rank #1.

Have fun!

3 thoughts on “How to Get Gems for Free in Royal Revolt 2

  1. The advice in this post doesn’t really work. When you first start up as a player in the game, it walks you through several steps that you can’t opt out of, most of which use jewels. Very frustrating game.

  2. I way is more but its very hard
    I made almost 2000gems with 2days
    How i did it?
    1.I goed down with my trophies and tryed to find easy bases like who has 1 or no turrents i founded 4 guys with 1 turrent all them was 200-300 trophies
    2.I favorite them and when League started i attacked only them
    3. I made in first league 18328 trophies and got 800+ gems +1st place bonus
    4.when Silver league started i attacked same bases all the time their bases was good beacuse i got from them always 64 medals
    5.i finised silver league with 16000+ trophies and i got 747 gems
    6.and now i am in gold league it has been started 6h has league been and i have almost 4000 trophies beacuse if league started i were sleeping :)

    My talk point is that if you tryhard to beat league record you will be rewarded with 700+ gems YOU CANT BEAT LEAHUE RECORD IF YOU DONT HAVE BASES TO FARM!!!
    You can attack me aswell if you want ubjuju
    Thx for reading and learning my text
    And big Thank you to person who did this topic
    My ingame nick: ubjuju

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