Jungle Heat is Mail.ru’s New Entry to imitate the success of Clash of Clans

At ChinaJoy 2013 during July 24th – 28th, I was happy to pay a visit to the B2B Area with my colleague. During my visit to Mail.ru’s booth, I was presented with a business card and a publisher’s guide that includes Mail.ru’s business strategy, market share and games they are now publishing.

I took a quick look at the publisher guide, and a game called Jungle Heat quickly came into my view because there are many similarities between Clash of Clans and Jungle Heat in visual designs.

When I went back to my office and decided to open a new category  to cover Jungle Heat that seems to have great potential to have a position on Android market because it shares many similarities with Clash of Clans. I downloaded Jungle Heat to my Google Nexus 10 and at the time of writing, I’ve reached level 32, upgraded my commander center to level 6 and have 1000 Rating Medals.

Jungle Heat, at its core, is an attacking and defending game that centers on village management, but part of what makes Jungle Heat is different is the way it runs on Android phones and tablets and will be also compatible with iPhone and iPad soon, according to the publisher’s guide.

jungle heat screenshots

Like some of the COC copycats, Jungle Heat draws strength from what makes Clash of Clans invigorating, from the idea of village layout defense strategy, to unique troops abilities and to social leaderboards. In this beta version of Jungle Heat, its lousy art designs and lack of alliance function don’t make the game as impressive as expected.

Below is what I’d experienced:

1, Most of the buildings, when upgraded to a higher level, still look the same with its original level.

2, Most of players requested an alliance system that could definitely bring more players together. This is the most important part of why Clash of Clans had millions of active players. And they can talk, share joys and sorrows and battle results, donate troops and make the game become a community. But Jungle Heat does not have it.

3, There is no exchange between developers and players.

4, There is no way to add friends in-game. Players can only invite their facebook to play.

5, There is no incentive mechanism that encourages players to engage in single player while there is no player to attack in matchmaking multiplayer mode.

6, There are a lot of traps that lead you to use Gems to complete upgrading or training. It should have one more layer control to let you know if you do it.

7, Attacking effects are not impressive. It is a lot of mess and cannot let you experience too much difference on attacking. In this case, troops cannot reflect their unique advantage from its attacking animations.

8, Game balance is okay. There are a lot of data that Jungle Heat directly copy Clash of Clans.

9, Too much time to remove a stone or Palm.

Mail.ru was just a game publisher in Russia and its new effort to copy the success of Clash of Clans was a good direction to move its focus from a publisher to a developer and precisely to a mobile game developer. But the game was far from being great especially in front of Clash of Clans.

If you would like to play this game on your Android devices, you can now download this game by visiting this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.mail.games.android.JungleHeat

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