List of Buildings for Royal Revolt 2

Below is a list of all buildings for the epic strategy battle game Royal Revolt 2.

Throne Room

The Throne Room is the center of power and it is your home. The level of your Throne Room influences everything in your kingdom. Each level gives you new opportunities to extend your power. The Throne Rooms also shows your skills and acts as a personal training ground to gain XP.

Troop Academy

The Troop Academy is the place where you upgrade your units to create a stronger offensive force. By upgrading your Troop Academy you can investigate new unit types, which will help you to enhance your army.

Treasure Chamber

The Treasure Chamber keeps your riches. It is a golden sea of joy. By upgrading the Treasure Chamber you can store even more of the Gold you bring home from your conquests.

Wizard’s Tower

The¬†Wizard’s Tower is the place where you research and develop magic. Here you can upgrade your magic to increase the effectiveness of every attack you carry out to enrich your kingdom. With each upgrade of the Wizard’s Tower you develop new spells and scrolls to increase your magical prowess.


The Tavern is the place where your folks celebrate victory. A good feast is good income. Upgrade the Tavern so that more of your people can celebrate allowing you to increase your income.

Inventor’s Workshop

In the Inventor’s Workshop you can research and upgrade your defensive fortification technologies. By upgrading the technology, you are able to strengthen your line of defense and protect your kingdom and its treasure.


The silo is the place where you store your food. A full Silo will make you always in the position to go into battle. Upgrade your Silo to store more food and to be able to fight more enemies.

Castle Guard

Your Castle Guard is the last line of defense. Here you recruit the soldiers who are going to defend your kingdom. Train your soldiers and create defensive waves to prepare for every gatecrasher.

Castle Gate

The Castle Gate defines the power of your castle wall and the general defensive possibilities. By upgrading the Castle Gate you can build additional defensive fortifications and extend the path an aggressor has to navigate to reach your Castle Gate.

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