List of Spells for Royal Revolt 2

Below is a list of all spells for mobile game Royal Revolt 2. If you want to learn more how these spells work and how to unlock spells, or how to use them. Just check our Royal Revolt 2 wiki.


The Hammerstrike is effective against both units and buildings. Always a useful addition to a more specialized pool of spells.

Toxic Cloud

The Toxic Cloud is heavily against troops and best used against huge armies.


The Stun is best used when your opponent is stronger than you. Use it when you are at a disadvantage.


The Firestorm burns everything and can be used to great effect against units and buildings, but is weak when unleashed against blockades.


The swordrain may be the most effective weapon against units and has the biggest range. Be sure to have it in your arsenal.


The Heal allows you to heal your troops from damage, fire and poison. Depending on your strategy, this one could be a very strong spell.


The blizzard slows down every unit and deals damage to your opponents. A magical mixture of two beneficial ingredients.


The shield is best used when attacking with a huge army and gives you an enormous benefit in pitched battle.


The blasdestorm is the longest lasting spell and is best used against encampments of defensive buildings.

Sonic Blast

The Sonic Blast will cause massive damage to everything. This spell can help you in the diciest situations.

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