List of Troops for Royal Revolt 2

Below is a list of all unit types and weapons that help your troops attack enemies. You can keep upgrade your Troop academy to unlock new units or upgrade your units to strengthen their power. For more articles, simple check Royal Revolt 2.


The Knight is the most versatile unit for every situation and has special protection against poison.


The Archer is the most affordable long-range all-rounder for every situation.


The Paladin has robust armor and is brutally strong, but is weak against poison.


The Froster can levitate over Spikes and is very effective against units.


The Cannon is the weapon of choice when it comes to destroying buildings.


They pyromancer will be heavily effective from a distance, but is weak in close combat.


The arblaster represents modern long-range warfare. He is most effective against troops


The mortar is a mobile poison vehicle that is most effective against troops.

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