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Space Ape’s Game Samurai Siege is Just a Rip-off of Clash of Clans

UK-based gaming company Space Ape Games has recently launched a game called Samurai Siege, which is a Japanese style Samurai warfare game as the title suggests. But its gameplay employs the same formula that is being widely used in strategy games like Clash of Clans and Backyard Monsters.  This trend starts when a facebook game Backyard Monsters has successfully attracted millions of players on Facebook platform and Clash of Clans has ported the concept of Backyard Monsters to iOS platform. The result is that Clash of Clans is more successful than Backyard Monsters in every front even though Kixeye released an iOS version of Backyard Monster in June trying to regain its former glory on iOS platform.

On the surface, Samurai Siege is a strategic game re-skinned with a Japanese theme under which players can train Ninja, Samurai and many other units we often see in Japanese video games. This modification based on the concept of Clash of Clans was implemented perfectly enough, so much so that you will be easily immersed into a world full of Japanese style stuff like music, troops, plants, and storyline.

However, after you completing a few dungeons and missions that are supposed to help unlock buildings and troops, you will find out that Samurai Siege is nothing but a copy of Clash of Clans. On the one hand, Samurai Siege requires you to build your walls and traps you use to defend your village. If there is no empty space, you will have to remove bush, rock, Sakura tree to house your buildings. On the other hand, the troops deployed in NPC villages or player’s villages are all disappeared, which is identical to what Clash of Clans features.

If you would spend time playing the game for about 10 days, you will be more likely to have the same feeling with me that Samurai Siege. Even there are a lot of events are being copied from Clash of Clans.

Honestly, Samurai Siege would be a great game if a player never played games like Clash of Clans or Backyard Monsters. While if you are an active fan of Clash of Clans, you can still find it addictive.

Simply put, there are a lot of copies of Clash of Clans, and the number of such apps for iOS or Android is still growing. They are all eager to take a pie from this lucrative business. If a developer is now designing such a game, my suggestion is that you need to change something that plays differently with Clash of Clans and add some interesting modification for its gameplay not just with the same gameplay under a new theme. A good example is that IGG is doing good in the right direction with its newly launched Castle Clash.

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2 thoughts on “Space Ape’s Game Samurai Siege is Just a Rip-off of Clash of Clans

    1. Yup. COC fanboys fail to see that its Backyard monster rip off. Now COC is ripping off Samurai siege by adding clan wars. Only thing COC did was it got to ios first.

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