super world war

Super World War: Call of Mini Developer’s New Strategy Game Like Clash of Clans

Triniti Interactive, the maker of Call of Mini series, is now planning to release its new strategy game Super World War. Currently, the game is available for limited regions including New Zealand and Canada.

Playing the game for a few minutes, we found Super World War, at its core, is a city building game that features military cartoon graphics and COC-esque UI. But its battle system is a bit different from that of Clash of Clans. On the one hand, the troops are only moving forward in a side-scrolling way. You just tap troop icon and it will automatically move forward to fire enemies. On the other hand, the troops are only moving in a linear way and you cannot control it at all.

In the base, you are able to build some buildings like Warehouse, Vehicle Factory, Financial Center, etc, but the game does not allow you to build walls although the concept of the game is to defend your military base.

If you love playing COC, you might as well try this new game. Don’t forget to leave your impressions below.

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