Tower Defense X Tank Lets you Control Tanks to Attack Enemies

As I mentioned last month, there will be more COC-eque games coming out in the following months not because this type game could really have potential to become popular, but they just want to make such a game that is similar to Clash of Clans, of course, in the hope of making some money.

Except for IGG’s Castle Clash, there is almost no other COC-like game that could even get a small piece of pie from Clash of Clans.

Now, I am assuming X Tank is the next failure that attempts to copy Clash of Clans, but its experience is unnecessarily awkward throughout the game from its interface,  to animation and to controls.

X Tank is developed by a China-based company called iDuoduo.  According to iTunes description, this game was developed with more than 8 months. It is self-called a masterpiece.

Below are my impressions on X Tank:

1, You do the same thing by building your military base, construct all kinds of defense and resource buildings. This is the most important part of how a tower defense game works.

2, You cannot see all of buildings you built, and they can be seen in a primary category. For example, when you want to check your resource buildings, you will have to enter Resource Center first and then check each building’s info. Likewise, you cannot see your or enemy’s defense buildings until you access the Engineering Center. This setting makes the game become complicated, and without any advantage.

3, You can control your tank in the battlefield. There is a virtual control pad that lets you move your tank and deploy other weapons and ammo on the enemy’s base. This is a good direction that makes players feel free to attack anywhere, but this is also a disadvantage that has little strategy, so to speak.

4, You can also playing single player campaign or multiplayer challenge mode. This mode works much like Clash of Clans.

I do not like recommend this game to anybody else because it looks like a half-done work and in early beta. And it shows little potential!

One thought on “Tower Defense X Tank Lets you Control Tanks to Attack Enemies

  1. I guess when you put this site together you forgot about all the other games that CoC ripped off! These games have been around for decades! You close minded people should really do research before you go and just start puking BS out of your mouth! But I guess that’s why you have fallen to hiding behind a computer! You couldn’t hack it in the real world, so you sit here and hide! Next time try not being so self entitled! Must be Americans!

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