Ubisoft Unveiled Battle of Heroes: Land of Immortals; Largely Inspired by Clash of Clans

Ubisoft has soft-launched a mobile strategy game titled “Battle of Heroes: Land of Immortals“, which turns out to be a COC-inspired game set in the 3D fantasy world. Like Clash of Clans, Battle of Heroes: Land of Immortals allows you to build your kingdom, train units, and fight against other players from all over the world. However, the game doesn’t so much expand the existing COC’s core formula, but plays pretty much similarly to what you might have already fed with from Clash of Clans.

Battle of Heroes: Land of Immortals is clearly more for the diehard strategy gamers who love Clash of Clans, Castle Clans, Sensei Wars, etc. than Ubisoft’s hardcore fans keeping their eyes on Assassin’s Creed and Tom Clancy. Such strategy gamers are more likely to lose interest in this mechanism because there have been dozens of copycats out there, among which are no short of quality ones. The ironclad fact is Battle of Heroes: Land of Immortals itself does not add something interesting.

I have been playing the game since I download it from the Canadian App Store today. The opening animation storytelling feels like you will play a story-driven RPG, but quickly you will realize you made a mistake because when you have done with the teaser tutorial. You will not be put in a position of a village builder. Most of elements are similar to those “Clash of Clans” such as Gems, Timers, battles, and buildings.

Anyway, Battle of Heroes: Land of Immortals is a ripoff of Clash of Clans. The guys behind this project seem not to bring original ideas to it except that it is a 3D dark IP.

To download, just click this link: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/battle-heroes-land-immortals/id739029967

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