Zynga’s Dojo Mojo is a Better Web Version for Clash of Clans

Mobile Gaming market continues the trend of “Ripping off” Clash of Clans with 1 – 2 COC copies coming out every week these days. Facebook platform is also seeing a great opportunity to copy this success with its great advantage of social network.

Zynga, one of the largest providers of social games, was certainly skilled at making social games for Facebook and is now switching its focus from Facebook to mobile. Despite this, such a company with millions of active Facebook users and its newly probing mobile userbase has every reason to copy a new game that uses today’s popular gaming mechanics.  (iOS and Android Version will be coming soon)

With its newly released strategy game Dojo Mojo, Zynga managed to bring a web version of Clash of Clans to Facebook, which is being described as a “highly socializing strategy game”.

Currently, Dojo Mojo is in the closed beta and there are still a lot of bugs and new content to be added in the upcoming open beta next month.

dojo mojo

I have been playing Dojo Mojo since its limited release on Facebook and I was given 1000 Jade to test the game. Here is my first impression preview. (a short preview comparison with Clash of Clans)

1, Gameplay

Gameplay of Dojo Mojo comes with the same formula with that of Clash of Clans. Especially when you attack enemies, it feels like attacking a web version of Clash of Clans. You cannot controls troops; you need to come up with best strategy to deploy your troops with different abilities. Your goal is to earn Mojo or Loot resources.

2, Troops

Troops of Dojo Mojo are also inspired from Clash of Clans. Grunt is equivalent of Barbarian, Assassin is Archer, Thief is Goblin, etc. But Dojo Mojo has an Altar system that lets you summon a Mighty beast (Level 1 Altar for Oni) to battlefield.

3, Bonus Methods

In Clash of Clans, players can remove some stones, trees, grass and earn additional Gems. Dojo Mojo does not use such mechanic, but it allows players to build a Jade Mine where players can place Pit traps to capture enemy troops to work for Jade, a premium currency, equivalent of Gem in Clash of Clans. Another way to earn Jade is to invite players to play Dojo Mojo. The player can get 5 Jade with each new player invited to play Dojo Mojo.

4, Interesting twists

On Fire, When you achieve three consecutive wins in combat you will get on fire. On fire will lead to increase movement speed, damage and health. It will last until time expires or you lose a battle while attacking.

Extra troops from Friends: You can ask troops from your Facebook friends who are playing Dojo Mojo. Troops from your Friends will jump out of the Torii Gate to help you. They can be used for attacking and defending

Treasures include Golden Carp, Emperor’s Helm, Shogun’s Sword, Ancient Hourglass, and Guardian’s Urn. They can be activated based on your victory. They are mainly used to increase training time, production rate, HP and more.

While we are still playing the game, we just gave you a short impression based on our experience.  We will have a complete review once the game is open to the public.

Facebook Play Link: https://apps.facebook.com/dojomojo/

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